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    a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="true" related issues


      So as I have found out lately this one thingy is making a lot of problems for us.


      And a lot of rich components use internally the same logic.


      If you check my other post  https://community.jboss.org/thread/213276  you will notice that whenever you have a part of the page that is not rendered but has a4j ajax self-rendering controls present stuff crashes into oblivion.


      Specifically this is the problem inside jsf.js.xhtml


      var d = $(id);
       if (!d) {
       throw new Error("During update: " + id + " not found")


      This little piece of code checks the DOM for the component present in update xml and tries to find it. After the component (obviously) is not present it crashes and all error handlers are called. For example autocomplete will not receive any data even when success handler is called since the data is deleted in the error handler. Also all further pending updates are skipped.


      Would be best if you weren't sending updates for components not present on clientside.


      I could patch jsf.js by hand but I don't know the fine details of how it works and I might break stuff. Some official response to this would be welcome since my old thread was nicely ignored.




      edit: Oh yes, versions... tested broken on 4.3.0-M1 4.3.0-M2 4.2.3-Final


      But I remember similar issues I couldn't track then since I've started with RF 4.0.0-RCx