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    Content Management Interoperability Services(CMIS) interface for Modeshape.


      Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) is an open starndard that defines an abstraction for controlling diverse repositories using web services. It seems that best way is to use Apache Open CMIS (Chemistry) implementation so I've started work in this direction.


      Chemistry allows to configure CMIS bridge for only one repository. That means one WAR for each repository. Since each ModeShape engine has support for multiple repositories, it would be far better to have a single WAR that supported multiple repositories than having a separate WAR (which must be configured) for each repository. This is especially since ModeShape makes it very easy to add repostiories (in embedded or in JBoss AS7). Using separate WARs is complicated even more in case of AS7, since we have to deploy all dependencies inside each WAR. Otherwise, trying to share dependencies via AS7 modules results in a conflict with XMLInputFactory (AS7 defines via system properties a different implementation than what Chemistry is expecting, and this results in errors/exceptions).


      After some time of investigation, we've tried various ways of getting Chemistry to work with multiple repositories via a single WAR file, but ran into problems. Therefore, we have several options:


      1. Use Chemistry as-is, and configure a separate WAR for each repository. This is far from ideal, as it makes setup and administration much more difficult and error prone.
      2. Help to improve Chemistry to be able to support multiple repositories, providing patches or fixes. We don't want Chemistry to *have* to support multiple repositories with each WAR, but it'd be nice if there was a way to do that out of the box. Of course, this assumes that the Chemistry community is open to this enhancement.
      3. Provide our own CMIS implementation.


      Our preference is #2, and options #1 and #3 are far less ideal.


      Any thougth on this subject from community are very much appreciated. We'll be approaching the Chemistry community to find out if they are at all interested being able to support multiple repositories in a single WAR file.

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