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    Seam3 Conversation Scoped PersistenceUnit

    Tom Goring Apprentice



      I'm converting my seam2 app to seam3.


      My JSF page calls a @ConversationScoped Seam Backing Bean which then calls @Stateless EJB (my service layer).


      The JSF page starts a conversation and over serveral request response trips edit's an entity and I want the behavour that at the end of the conversation the updates are flushed to the database.


      I just can't see how this should be configured.  I've


      • Enabled in beans.xml the seam TransactionInterceptor
      • Created a @PersistenceUnit @ConversationScoped@ExtensionManaged @Produces @Default



      Currently the edit's are being flushed to the database at the end of JSF in TransactionPhaseListener.


      How to I tell seam persistance that I do want transactional pages (so that lazy loading etc works) but I only want updates to my beans on the transaction that occors when my conversation is ended?


      Thanks in advance.