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    How to access synonym via teiid

    jaigates vg Newbie


      i am trying to configure/setup Teeid 7.7.1(deployed in jboss soa 5.3) to acess my oracle 11 tables(employee) via synonyms(employee_syn). After creating necessary datasource file, vdb file,i am able to fetch the table via select query (select * from employee) using teeid client but when i try to do select on synonym(select * from employee_syn) i am getting below exception.

      Pls let me know how to access my tables via synonym in Teeid.


      ---- vdb file -----

      <vdb name="sample_1" version="1">

      <property name="UseConnectorMetadata" value="true" />

      <model name="sample_1">  

      <property name="importer.useFullSchemaName" value="false"/>

      <property name="importer.tableTypes" value="TABLE,VIEW"/>

      <property name="importer.schemaPattern" value="user"/>

      <source name="oracle-connector" translator-name="oracle" connection-jndi-name="java:/1-local-oracleDS"/>





      --- ds file ----





            <connection-property name="includeSynonyms">true</connection-property>
















      --- exception ----

      group employee_syn not found