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    Abusing TEIID-196 for Poor man's dynamic tables

    Mark Addleman Master

      Hi -


      I was looking through TEIID-196 and got an evil thought:  Could we use it to bring in tables from a model after the VDB has been started? 


      We have data sources that dynamically create and destroy tables.  I was thinking that if our server was notified when the data source creates a table, it could issue a CREATE FOREIGN TEMPORARY TABLE on the particular source.  I assume that this would make Teiid aware of the new table so that it could be included in command operations.  Obviously, the translator would have to perform the appropriate mappings but I don't see how that would be any different than if the table had been surfaced to Teiid through the normal getMetadata() call.


      The only problem I can see is that the table is session scoped.  This is an annoyance but not a road block in our current use case (though, likely a problem for future use cases).