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    Not able to connect to teiid admin in teiid designer. Also how to increase log to get rid of " Enable more detailed logging to see the entire stacktrace."

    jaigates vg Newbie

      I am trying to use teiid designer for creating vdb file. But when i try to create teiid instance with below configuration i am getting error in accessing teiid admin using mm://localhost:31443 But my service console says teiid admin console log like


      16:35:58,523 INFO  [RUNTIME] Teiid JDBC =  mm://

      16:35:58,533 INFO  [RUNTIME] Teiid Admin mms://

      16:35:58,533 INFO  [RUNTIME] Teiid ODBC - SSL= OFF Host = Port = 35432

      16:35:58,533 INFO  [RUNTIME] Teiid Engine 7.7.1 Started = Fri Jan 25 16:35:58 IST 2013










      i would like to understand on 2 doubts i have


           1) Most important for my analyisis, how to increase the log related to this error message. i have changed jboss-log4j.xml to set org.teiid to trace level. Still i am getting this error.

                "Enable more detailed logging to see the entire stacktrace." Pls let me know how to increate the relavant log to get full stacktrace.


           2) what other configurations or checks to do create teiid instance in teiid designer as i am getting below error.

                18:31:18,765 WARN  [SECURITY] Processing exception 'The username "admin" and/or password and/or payload token could not be authenticated by any membership domain.' for session null.  Exception type org.teiid.client.security.LogonException thrown from org.teiid.transport.LogonImpl.logon(LogonImpl.java:118). Enable more detailed logging to see the entire stacktrace.