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    Dynamic VDB deployment fails when using importer.importIndexes in the case of a index containing a hidden column

    yjma2001 Newbie

      HI community:


      We are trying to use dynamic VDB. For better performance, we use <property name="importer.importIndexes" value="true"/> to input the index for an oracle datasource.


      But vdb deployment failed with following error:

           [TEIID60011 No column found with name SYS_NC00032$]


      Debugging through teiid code, it looks like that if the index contains the hidden column (like SYS_NC00032), then index loading failed, teiid was trying to call getColumnByName() for those hidden column which does not exist in the column map.


      Is this a bug at teiid? Teiid verison we are using is 8.2 Final.