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    Richfaces no tag defined for name: toolBar failure in jboss-as-richfaces-validation quickstart

    Patrick Refondini Newbie



      when adding <rich:toolBar></rich:toolBar> tag to the index.xhtml page of the jboss-as-richfaces-validation JBOSS AS 7 quickstart project I face the following exception:


      /index.xhtml @12,16 <rich:toolBar> Tag Library supports namespace: http://richfaces.org/rich, but no tag was defined for name: toolBar


      Any clue on what configuration or maybe maven dependency could be missing ?


      • I use jboss-as-richfaces-validation project of the JBOSS AS 7 quickstart-7.1.1.Final.
      • I  have the original jboss-as-richfaces-validation project working fine.
      • Of course I first searched for this issue on the web and the JBOSS Richfaces discussions but without finding any helpful solutions.


      Any information, pointer to discussions or helpful doc. highly appreciated !