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    Problem permission in Teiid

    thanh nguyen Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I have problem about permission in Teiid Server, hope everyone can help me!

      My problem is:


      I installed a instance jboss teiid and deployed 10 different VDB (ETEST_VDB, LOYALTY_VDB,...) for 10 different application (ETEST_APP, LOYALTY_APP,..).

      But I only use account default "user/user" for 10 application to connect to instance VDB.

      I try defined other user in file teiid-security-users.properties but all user in this file can connect to 10 VDB.

      Now, i want to set permission one account for only one app and only one VDB. How I do that? And how to config file teiid-security-roles.properties?


      Thanks all,

      Thanh Nguyen.

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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          Teiid does *NOT* have capability provide "security-domains" at VDB scope. Currently they are scope at the transport level (JDBC, ODBC). You can log a feature request for this in Teiid JIRA.


          As alternative, what you can try is use of data roles, you can create a role for each vdb, and create permissions for access for that single role for that VDB, then map the data-role to the role in the teiid-security-roles.properties and to the users in teiid-security-users.properties.


          What above does is, it will let the users authenticate themselves, but will not let them access any data.



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            thanh nguyen Newbie

            Hi Ramesh,


            I try use of data roles and it work ok.


            Sorry about reponse with you for along time, because i have holiday in this month.


            Thanks you so much about your help!


            Thanh Nguyen.