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    Unable to get SOURCE_NAME in metadata for Teiid 8.3 Beta1

    Onkar Dhuri Newbie



      I am investigating the use of multi-source feature from Teiid 8.3 for our project. As far as I read from Jira (#2253, #2292) as well as Documentation, SOURCE_NAME column will be published by teiid and will be part of metadata.

      However when I tried to connect to the multi-source vdb (using squirrel), that column is not reflected in metadata. (please see squirrel.jpg from attachments)

      I even tried it by adding multisource.columnName property to dynamic vdb (please see multi-source-vdb.jpg) but still I coulnd't see that column in SYS.Columns table.


      Can you please let me know why I am not able to see it in metadata ?