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    How do i use arquillian persistence extension in Client mode?

    sathiya seelan Newbie

      Datasource is defined in server configuration file.(In Jboss AS7 either in standalone.xml or domain.xml)


      So if I use client mode , I can not get the datasource(Since testcases will get executed in other VM not inside the server)


      If there is anyway to specify jdbc url instead of datasource name in arquillian.xml file.


      <property name="defaultDataSource">java:jboss/datasources/TestDS</property>


      instead of this can i use


      <property name="defaultJDBC">jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/testdb</property>

      <property name="userName">testuser</property>

      <property nam"password">testpassword</property>


      like the above.



      Or any other way to use arquillian-persistence extension in Client Mode?


      Thanks in advance