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    Guvnor/Drools Question: Best practice approach for web decision table

    Peter Wyss Newbie



      We have the following Model:

      - Object C

      -> has a List<Object A>

      -> has a List<Object B>


      I need to build an easy to edit web decision table in guvnor, which I need to fill a dropdown list (Object B) in dependency of another dropdown list (Object A), when for example creating a new Object C on a form. The table should look something like this:


      [Object A] [Object B]

      Test A1     Test B1

                      Test B2

                      Test B3

      Test A2     Test B4

      Test A3     Test B5

                      Test B6

      Test A4     Test B7

                      Test B8

                      Test B9

                      Test B10


      ...so when a User creates a new Object C and  select on the create form for example "Test A3" in a dropdown list (Object A), Drools should be firing and result "Test B5" and "Test B6", which then can be filled in the second dropdown list (Object B).


      How can I achieve such a scenario? We have already Drools Guvnor in use and the requirement is, to have such a table to easy edit the dependencies of this two dropdown lists.


      Some thoughts:

      - Is there a way to fill Objects in a List as a Action-Column in a web decision table?

      - Is there a way to add Objects to a List (global variable) in a web decision table?

      - Is there a way to achieve this with rule templates?


      Thanks for your help.


      Kind regards,