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    Building RHQ - Failure Database Utilities

    Arun Raj Expert

      Hi Developers,


         I got failure while building my own RHQ which was downloaded and edited. Here, I have attached that error. I guess, Database naming conflict is the issue. Please help me to fix this issue, and help me to built the My OWN RHQ.


         I am trying to use Postgresql 9.1.7 as a backend for my RHQ4.6.0( This is my custom RHQ which i want to built it) in my system.


         Already running my RHQServer4.5.1 with "rhqadmin" as a database role with "rhqdb" as a database. I am following my building procedure in the following article https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/RHQ/Building+RHQ

      The article tells to create a "rhqadmin" as a database role for RHQ4.6.0. But, I am already having it in the RHQServer4.5.1, So I have skipped that step and built it with the command mvn -Penterprise,dev -Ddbsetup -DskipTests install. But Failed and it putting a error like in the attached image. Please help me to build my RHQ.