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    Virtual procedure with Function=true

    virtualdatabase Apprentice

      I've created a virtual procedure with one input and one ouput... I've set the property Function=true

      I've deployed the vdb

      I can exec the function without incidient but when I include the call to the function within a query I get the folowing error



      Error: Error Code:ERR.015.008.0039 Message:Remote org.teiid.api.exception.query.QueryResolverException: Error Code:ERR.015.008.0039 Message:The function 'getLanguage('2819')' is an unknown form.  Check that the function name and number of arguments is correct.

      SQLState:  ERR.015.008.0039

      ErrorCode: 0



      What am I missing??



      This is a 5.3.1 server