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    AS 7 in domain mode on windows xp won't start

    Hardy Massen Novice



      I try to start JBoss EAP 6.0.1.GA (AS 7.1.3.Final-redhat-4) in domain mode on a 32-Bit Windows XP SP 3 system. JDK is jdk1.7.0_17. Windows-Firewall is off, virus-scanner is off. system32\drivers\etc\hosts contains one line: localhost.


      Console tells me, that the server is listening on (JBAS017100) but nothing happens. I can't access localhost:8080 nor localhost:9990.


      I append the output of jstack to this posting. Starting server via standalone.bat works.


      The attached file ports.jpg shows two java-process started pid 5520 and pid 5752. I can connect to pid 5752 via jconsole (no deadlock detected by jconsole), i can't connect to pid 5520 via jconsole.


      Any idea, where to start debugging?