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    Teiid Designer

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      I created a transformation mapping between VDB1 to VDB2 which have been deployed into Teiid. And I have seen the SELECT sql which is generated by Designer. In the transformation, there is one attribute which uses CONVERT function to convert the type from Double (VDB1) to Float(VDB2) type.


      When I read, it acutally call SELECT sql, which runs well.

      But I write (INSERT), the default generated UPDATE sql don't know how to do for that attribute, so failed.  I got this error:


      Error: TEIID30492 Remote org.teiid.api.exception.query.QueryValidatorException: TEIID30492 TEIID30376 The specified change set [uwi, well_name, x_coordinate, y_coordinate, elev_type, elevation, elevation_ouom] against an inherently updatable view does not map to a key preserving group.

      SQLState:  TEIID30492

      ErrorCode: 0


      So where and how to tell Designer, for writing, should do the CONVERT from Float to Double?