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    My Get started with Errai tutorial and Errai ui

    Sebastian Börebäck Newbie

      Hi guys,

      Since i started trying to learn Errai, there has been hard to find working tutorials or guides.

      So i wrote my own


      This is a basic just get the Project working tutorial.

      Tutorial link


      And here is my second tutorial, its about reconfiguring maven and using Errai ui.

      Errai ui tutorial


      I wrote it using Onenote and what I learned from this is that its very easy to create the tutorial.

      Adding text and pictures m.m.

      But publishing the Onenote page is insanly hard!

      What i did now is convert the onenote to a word doc and then convert it to a website, then publishing it on dropbox.

      After trying publishing with word 2010 and onenote 2010.


      Best regards



      I attached pdf version as well if the dropbox share stops working.


      looking forward for some feedback and or a good solution how to post tutorials?

      (the biggest problem is images, there is no easy was to bash upload them).