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    consumer-window-size - should it be set at the server side or the client side?

    Noa Drach Novice



      I have a standalone java client that connects to queues running on JBoss 7.1.1 Final.


      I'm trying to set the consumer window size to no buffering and I thought this is set by the consumer, so i use the following code:



      transportConfiguration = new TransportConfiguration(NettyConnectorFactory.class.getName(), p);
      connectionFactory = HornetQJMSClient.createConnectionFactoryWithoutHA(JMSFactoryType.QUEUE_CF, transportConfiguration);


      and only later on I create a session and a consumer.


      my assumption was that this will take care of the buffering, but it doesn't - I have 15 consumers and only 5 of them are receiving messages - while the other 10 are informing that no messages are available.


      and when I look in the jboss admin console I see that there are 10 messages in the queue and that they are all in delivery - and this is the same behavior I had before I started setting the window size.


      So I think I misunderstood something - because in http://docs.jboss.org/hornetq/2.2.14.Final/user-manual/en/html/flow-control.html I read that it has to be set at the connection factory creation and this is what I do here.


      please help me understand what I misunderstood.





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