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    Failed to initialize workspace 'default'

    casey perkins Newbie

      errror.pngHi All,


      I am new to jBPM ,currently i have downloaded a jBPm 5.4 and i have installed it as instructed from userguide,

      i imported the sample example which they had provided to me .....


      Now the problem is that ....


      i want to view my Bpmn process on jbpm console....for that i have to add the few selected files to Guvnor repository

      and i am unable to add them ....... ....also when i am going to



      and trying to create a new package in knowledge base ... it is not allowing to create a new package over there ......

      it is giving me 500 error....and later on 4oo error what to do ,need help on this..............i am facing this issue since last 4 days not able to resolve it need ur help....i want to learn Jbpm nicely.... plz help me out....


      according to the server.log,it says that Failed to initialize workspace 'default'


      here is my sever.log


      thank you