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    TEIID making multiple calls to DB when invoking VDB

    Anson Abraham Newbie

      I'm running TEIID 8.1.3 and have VDB using Postgres native driver, where our PG version is 9.0.4.  When the VDB is invoked, it's making mutliple calls to the db for a simple query ... ex: Select * from table.  I see it show up 1700 times.  I'm not sure why this happens.    I'm relatively new to TEIID.


      The VDB has sometimes a cardinality set with a ttl set for long time in cache ... ex:




                          /*+ cache(ttl:3600000) */



      Is there something I'm missing as to why when invoking the VDB call, that it makes 1700 calls to the db of the same query?  Any help here would be appreciated.