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    Could you improve performance of RHQ GUI

    Changchun Hu Newbie

      Dear RHQ Team,

      We are using RHQ 4.6.0 and find the performance of GUI is not good. Sometimes, load one web page need several seconds.

      We guess one possible reason may be that RHQ GUI is based on GWT.

      We really appreciate if you can improve the performance of GUI.

      Many thanks.

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          mazz Master

          That's a bit like simply asking "make your stuff go faster"


          Do you have any specifics you would like to share so we know exactly what part of the GUI is slow? What pages? Is the rendering of the resource tree on the left hand side of the resource views slow? Is it the tabular search view? Is the viewing of the bundles tree? Is it the viewing of event history? Alert history? Is every single page slow?


          How many resources do you have in inventory? How many agents do you have? How many RHQ Servers are in your RHQ environment? What database? How much RAM and CPU does RHQ have to use? How many metrics are you collecting (the dashboard portlet tells you the  # of resources in inventory and the metrics per minute that are scheduled for collection)?


          There are many reasons why the GUI might be slow - not all would be fixed in the code (tuning the database, giving your database faster disks or increasing the number of RHQ Servers in your RHQ environment all could be things that might help).


          So, suffice it to say, asking us to simply "improve the performance of the GUI" really gives us nothing to go on so there isn't much we can do for you.


          P.S. FWIW, we've found GWT to be very good. The app itself is large, so yes, when you first load the app (or hit F5 in your browser to refresh it), it may take a few seconds (depending on network speed and client machine power) to initially load the GWT app in the browser, but that's a one time hit. Once your GWT app is running, we've found it to have pretty good performance.

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            Changchun Hu Newbie

            Hello John,

            When we use RHQ GUI with browser IE7. We find the views don't go smoothly. So we have any general idea, RHQ GUI is slow.

            We will collect and provide details information about our RHQ environment later.


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              mazz Master

              > When we use RHQ GUI with browser IE7


              I think that's a problem right there. I highly doubt you will get any kind of nice experience with IE7 (we have a tough enough time getting IE8 to work right and IE8 superceded IE7 in 2009).


              Have you tried with something like the latest Google Chrome or Firefox and see if you get the same behavior?


              Even if we do additional performance tuning on the GWT app, it won't be geared towards fixing specific performance problems on IE7. It is just too much of an outdated browser.

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                jay shaughnessy Expert

                As mazz mentioned, we don't code for or test against IE7.  I would suggest IE9 if you want to stick with the IE browser line.  Otherwise, FireFox is a supported browser.  Although Chrome is not officially tested, it typically performs well.


                I would mention specifically that graph pages are very slow in 4.6 but 4.7 will see major improvements in charting, both in the charts themselves and also speed of rendering.


                Again, if there are specific pages that give you the mosty trouble, please let us know which ones.

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                  Stian Lund Expert

                  I find Chrome works like a charm, even faster than Firefox


                  IE7 I have not tried but it didn't work at all in IE6 and IE9 ran definitely slower than Firefox.


                  Also what could help is increase the max heap of the RHQ Server. Default is 1GB I think, so if you can afford it increase to 2GB.


                  I have not tried changing the GC policy. Maybe ConcurrentMarkSweep or the new one in Java 7 (G1) would help performance for less latency? At least I know CMS is recommended for web application but it will have to be tested.

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                    Mike Thompson Novice

                    The render performance of IE7 is way below par compared to the modern browsers. RHQ is several hundred thousand lines of javascript and javascript performance has evolved tremendously since IE7. When IE7 was first created, web apps were mainly web pages with javascript for validation. Now Single Page Applications are common and consist of many thousands of lines of javascript and have been supported by the phenomenal increase in javascript performance (as competitiveness is driving performance).


                    Just for a general idea on performance numbers, this link that shows the specs for (IE8 which is significantly faster than IE7, however even it fails in comparison to the other browsers):



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                      Mike Thompson Novice

                      Starting with version 4.7 IE8 (and IE7) will not have RHQ charting capability due to the new charting technology implmented using:




                      Most functions will still work just not charting capability for anything under IE9.


                      IE7 is no longer supported by Microsoft: http://support.microsoft.com/gp/lifeadditionalproducts since April, 2010 (launched 2006).

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                        Changchun Hu Newbie

                        Hi Jay,

                        Thanks for your information. Generally, I use chrome myself and find the performance of RHQ is OK, even though it is slow sometimes. I will use Firefox and report the problem when I find it is slow. Besides, the graph page based on d3.js is much beautiful, we are looking forward to have it in RHQ4.7. If there is any schedule about the RHQ4.7 final, let us know.


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                          Changchun Hu Newbie

                          Hi Mike,

                          Thanks for your information and complete the document at https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/RHQ/RHQ+Browsers. It helps us a lot to know RHQ better.