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    Caching API - scopes

    Sabina Norderhaug Newbie

      My understanding of scopes from larger to smaller is VDB->USER->SESSION->NONE, however I am not sure about first two. Which scope is larger VDB or USER?


      For example we have several users user1,user2,user3,... acessing 2 VDBs: VDB1, VDB2 and scope is set to VDB

      User1  executes a query against VDB1.

      If User2 executes the same query against VDB1.

      Will he read results from cache or actual datasource?

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          Steven Hawkins Master

          VDB is the highest scope as queries from different VDBs even with the same user sql may hit different sources, have different view logic etc.  At a VDB scope two users accessing the same VDB can share the same cache entries.


          User scope is higher than a session as results are shared by all sessions connected to the same VDB with the same user name.