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    Teiid JDBC Driver Metadata Nonstandard

    Brian Dudley Newbie

      This may be by design, but the columns returned by the JDBC Metadata methods do not appear to follow normal names. In particular, Column MetaData has columns: VDBName, SchemaName, TableName, Name, Length, Datatype and so on. The documentation for the DatabaseMetaData Interface lists TABLE_CAT, TABLE_SCHEM, TABLE_NAME, COLUMN_NAME, DATA_TYPE, TYPE_NAME, COLUMN_SIZE etc.

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          Steven Hawkins Master



          This is likely the difference between checking the column name vs. the column label on the result set metadata.  The label should match the expected name, while the column name will typically be our internal column name from our system tables.  As far as I know this is perferctly acceptable as that is the JDBC expectation for column name and any named getter via the label (e.g. getString("TABLE_CAT")) will work as expected.