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    What is the best way to transfer files between servers?

    Roberto Requena Newbie

      Someone can give me some tips to make my application, I will explain a little concerned:


      I have to make an application that transfers files according to a logic of business, the files will be transferred from 27 different servers, through a slow network. Each of these servers will be between clients and servers each.


      What we want is that the application run on these 27 servers as a service, so that in the evening hours and automatically transfers do not take up bandwidth.


      They want to be able to control the size of the packets that are sent, which can compress the files and in case of dropping the connections continue where you left the.


      Development has to be preferably in java and jboss 7 and I researched and found the jboss netty library but I do not know if it's the most appropriate.


      Thanks for any tips you can give me. and sorry for my English.