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    Suggestions for improvements on the new 4.7 charts

    Stian Lund Expert


      just posting this here first - not sure if some or all of these are already "in the works". A couple of these are just the same functionality that was in the old charts and that I miss in the new ones. Although they are awesome there are a few things missing IMO.


      1 - Be able to de/select the various resources and redraw the chart (like it was possible earlier), for instance by clicking the colored "icon" for a resource.


      2 - Possibility to see the full resource hierarchy, for example by hovering over a resource icon. This is very useful for when you have several graphs and it could be hard to see what is what. Earlier it was possible to "guess" this by the member inventory list but since they are now drawn horizonally not vertically (am I making sense here?) it is hard to know the placement of each drawn resource.


      3 - Possible to save the charts, like a PNG. This was possible earlier, but now you have to mess around with PrintScrn and cropping. This is very useful for sending to management-types who like purdy charts


      4 - Redraw the chart when scaling the JS sub-window. It can be redrawn now by "resetting" so not a big issue but would be in the "Nice to have" category.


      5 - Possible to highlight one of the graphs when for instance hovering over a resource icon, and possibly "greying" out the others to be easier to compare a single graph. In the "Nice To Have" category.


      Any comments on these - too tough to implement, already underway etc?


      I'll open a ER on the bugzilla if you guys want