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    Script to run JBoss 6EAP/7CE as a Windows service.

    Jon Austen Newbie

      I have edited the default service.bat  script  (from http://www.jboss.org/jbossweb/downloads/jboss-native-2-0-10.html ) to run JBoss 6EAP/7CE as a Windows service.  When I run the script with the "start" option, it doesn't let go.  Also, the service (from the point of view of the Windows Services Manager Control Panel) is not running but is registered.)


      Can anyone help me by explaining why it works this way?  Here is a link to the script I have so far ( which I am using on JBoss 6 EAP):




      NOTE: To run my script you need to download service.bat, standalone.conf.bat, and standalone.bat from the Gist link above.