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    PickList and OrderingList added to RichFaces Widgets

    Brian Leathem Master

      I ported the orderingList and pickList from the bootstrap sandbox project to the richfaces-widgets standalone JavaScript project.  The port was non-trivial, as it required a Bootstrap v3 update.


      What a great infrastructure you've setup Paul, the rapid turnaround on widget development is superb!


      A couple of observations as a reault of working with the new widget repo:


      1) We don't need to copy the jQuery source into the src tree.  I added jQuery-UI to bower and referenced it in the component folder from the example.  Similarly true for the fontawesome files.  In fact, it's counter-intuitive to copy them in this way, as it makes you think you can edit them.  I ran into this when correcting the fontawesome font path.


      2) If we are going to use the example for component development, it shouldn't use the dist resources, these are compressed and uglified.  Rather we should include the raw uncompressed/un-concatenated JavaScript files.  Perhaps the example itself could undergo some "dist" process whereby it picks up the compressed resources.


      I look forward to highlighting this effort next week in my JAX talk!  Nice work Paul!