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    How to Stop Filtering in <rich:select>

    SUMIT GHOSH Newbie

      I'm using <rich:select> in my project.My Requirements are:

      1) <rich:select> will show the all item as a drop-down.

      2)User will be able to give manual input,I have done this by setting enableManualInput="true".


      But,while setting enableManualInput="true",It not showing all elements in the list after a particular selection.Perhaps it is enabling its filtering function that's why showing only the selected item in the list and hiding  rest of the items.I want to stop this,this can be achieved very easily if I do enableManualInput="false",but this will disable manualinput faciolity so,I cannot use it,as my project require to provide manual input facilty to the user.


      So,can anyone give me a solution that will show all the elements in the dropdown even after  selection of a particular item and also allow the user to provide manualInput.

      I'm attaching the screenshot of my page herewith.