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    Infinispan Connector fails on restart of EAP

    Van Halbert Master

      Running across the following issue:


      When restarting the EAP server, the Infinispan connector will fail because it cannot fin the Infinispan Cache, because it hasn't been started yet.


      Based on the server log, it appears the resource adapters are being started before the Infinispan caches, hence the above problem.



      To get around the issue, I made a local change such that the InfinispanManagedConnectionFactory doesn't throw an error, but logs that it can't find the named cache via JNDI.   And added logic such that if the Cache container is null, to retry to get it.    Ideally, out-of-the-box use isn't to change the loading order of the server components.   So I'm not sure what your suggestion would be.  I can file a jira and submit my patch if you like.