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    a4j:mediaOutput  attribute "classid"  is not rendered in 4.3.2 final

    Roland Li Newbie

      I think this is a bug.


      In MediaOutputRenderer.java of 3.3.2



      getUtils().encodeAttributesFromArray(context, component, RendererUtils.HTML.PASS_THRU_STYLES);
      getUtils().encodeAttribute(context, component, "type");
      getUtils().encodeAttribute(context, component, "classid");
      getUtils().encodePassThru(context, mmedia);


      In MediaOutputRenderer.java  of 4.3.2



      writer.writeURIAttribute(uriAttribute, uri, "uri");
      getUtils().encodeAttributesFromArray(context, component, HtmlConstants.PASS_THRU_STYLES);
      getUtils().encodePassThru(context, mmedia, null);


      I've checked these passthrough, there's no classid tag in it.