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    Problem with <h:graphicImage /> tag

    Paulo Mendes Newbie

      Hi there,


      I am using rich faces to project some screens and i got a problem with this tag.


      I am following the official documentation and the show case for a particular one, and this is not working:



      <rich:panel header="Banner">

                Espaço logo abaixo da barra de títulos

                <h:graphicImage value="rf.png" style="float:right" alt="rf" width="20px" height="20px"/>

                Devia ter uma imagem aqui... xxx






      The image tag does not work at all, just the texts.It is like the tag is not there.  Chrome shows me the tag in the output, but there is no image. Also, it shows me the image is 0px x 0px, so i tried to use width and height atributes like in regular html, but nothing changes.


      I also could not find the specific docs for this tag. Maybe someone here has a link or something..?


      Thanks a lot for any reply. Also, i may not be abble to make new comments today, but tomorrow will be the firs thing.