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    Partial insert statements being submitted with incorrect default values

    Bobby Diaz Newbie

      It seems as though the InsertResolver is causing incorrect default values to be returned by the ResolverUtil due to the wrong element symbol being sent to the ResolverUtil.getDefault() method.  In the code below, taken from InsertResolver.getVariableValues(), I believe the first two rows inside the if statement should be reversed so that next.clone() is used to determine the default value rather than the varSymbol whose type has been changed to BOOLEAN.


              Collection<ElementSymbol> insertElmnts = ResolverUtil.resolveElementsInGroup(insert.getGroup(), metadata);
              Iterator<ElementSymbol> defaultIter = insertElmnts.iterator();
              while(defaultIter.hasNext()) {
                  ElementSymbol next = defaultIter.next();
                  ElementSymbol varSymbol = next.clone();
                  result.put(varSymbol, new Constant(Boolean.FALSE));
                  if (!changingOnly) {
                      Expression value = ResolverUtil.getDefault(varSymbol, metadata);
                      varSymbol = next.clone();
                      result.put(varSymbol, value);


      Is this a bug?  If so, is there a work around other than specifying all columns/values in the insert?