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    Facing issue while creating the multi source static vdb.

    Amit Jahagirdar Newbie


      Please find attached a vdb ,which we are trying to create a into a multi source static vdb, by adding following properties on the view model:


         <property name="supports-multi-source-bindings" value="true"/>

                          <property name="multisource.columnName" value="TEIID_MULTI_DATA_SOURCE_COLUMN"/>

                          <property name="multisource.addColumn" value="true"/>


      we have added a new column in the view model with the same name as "TEIID_MULTI_DATA_SOURCE_COLUMN".


      The error that source has less columns than view is resolved by changing the sql in the Transformation diagram.


      Then created the vdb and deployed it.


      The newly added column doesnot show up as part of the metadata on metadata.getColumns().


      Also it would be great to get a link/doc for creating multi source static vdb.