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    teiid-connector-file.rar is not getting deployed

    Aswath Khan Newbie

      I'm using the following,

      -JBoss AS 7.1.1 Final  

      - Teiid Server 8.1 jboss dist

      - Teiid Designer 8.2 Alpha1

      - Eclipse Juno Win32

      - JBoss Tool 4.0.0



      Whenever I try to start the JBOSS Server, the connector file  teiid-connector-file.rar is failed to getting deployed. I could see teiid-connector-file.rar.failed file in the deployments folder.

      Please let me know how do I get around this.


      I get the following error in the designer, when ever I try to deply any VDB's because of the above problem that involves the flat file (text or CSV)

      Data Source Type teiid-connector-file.rar does not exist on server Server1 (mm://localhost:9999::admin)