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    (JMX) Simplest way to use a custom MBean in Fuse?

    Steve Murphy Newbie

      I've written a custom MBean for my service running in JBoss Fuse Fabric 7.2.0.redhat-024


      Interface: com.mycompany.myservice.MyServiceMBean

      Implementation: com.mycompany.myservice.MyServiceMBeanImpl


      What is the simplest way for my MBean to be "discovered" by JBoss Fuse?


      I tried adding the following to my blueprint.xml, but it doesnt seem to work:


      <bean id="org.apache.cxf.management.InstrumentationManager" class="org.apache.cxf.management.jmx.InstrumentationManagerImpl">
          <property name="enabled" value="true" />
          <property name="bus" ref="cxf" />
          <property name="usePlatformMBeanServer" value="true" />


      I run JBoss Fuse Fabric with the profile that deploys my services, I fire up JConsole and I connect to the first Local Process named org.apache.karaf.man.Main (there are 2 of them).


      Yet I cant find my MBean - I'm expecting to see com.mycompany.myservice on the MBean tab, but it isn't there.


      In contrast, I can see all of my datasource jmx beans under com.mycompany.anotherservice.datasources. However the datasource MBeans were configured by setting jmxEnabled=true, so I am none the wiser about how to configure and expose my own MBean.


      Could someone please tell me what I need to do here?

      Thanks in advance


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