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    Moving page fragments from richfaces-qa repository

    Pavol Pitoňák Master



      as we agreed some time ago, we'd like to move all existing page fragments for RichFaces components from the QA repository [1] to the framework repository so that they are released together with framework.


      1. Do we want to create a new top-level module in "richfaces" Git repository or will it be placed somewhere else?
      2. Do we need to change anything in page fragment's pom.xml? At the moment it depends on org.richfaces:richfaces, org.seleniumhq.selenium:selenium-java and Arquillian Graphene. Won't there be cyclic dependency between page fragments and framework itself?
      3. Jiri proposed some polishing of API so we should be able to move it next week. Do we still target 5.0.0.Alpha2?





      [1] https://github.com/richfaces/richfaces-qa/tree/master/page-fragments