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    Installing Switchyard 1.0.FINAL on AS7?

    Dustin Barlow Newbie

      I would like to install Switchyard 1.0.FINAL on AS7 but all the instructions and files I've found for version 1.0.FINAL are for installing it onto the EAP 6.1 version.


      I found this posting https://community.jboss.org/wiki/SwitchYardOnAS7, but the instructions don't seem to line up with what I see included in the switchyard-distribution.zip file for 1.0.FINAL I found in the Continuous Integrations builds.  Since that post was written in 2011, it is fair to presume that those installation instructions are no longer valid?


      In the download area for Switchyard, the Current release has a zip file called switchyard-as7-0.8.0.Final.zip.  Is there not a similar file somewhere for the 1.0.FINAL release?  If not, is there a document somewhere that can explain the steps to produce one?