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    How to add filter in a portal extension


      I have successfully created a custom portal extension "my-portal-extension", and I want to add a filter that will process on <url-mapping>/*</url-mapping>


      The MyFilter.jar is places in my-portal-extension/WEB-INF/lib/


      While I can see the filter is initialized (via log messages), it doesn't get called when I visit the portal:



      It does get into the doFilter method if I visit:



      But obviously this isn't intended. Clearly, the Tomcat context for the portal extension (which is deployed as a "separate" webapp my-portal-extension.war), uses its own context (ie. /my-portal-extension) and will not filter for a different context (ie. /portal), which is what I actually want.



      How do I add a filter to my portal extension?

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          /google "gatein filter" -> results[0] = https://community.jboss.org/thread/172870

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            Wow - I guess my Google chops are in need of tuning (too verbose!)


            Thanks for the thread, I'll go check it out!

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              I've followed the direction on the referenced thread and I think I've got everything working.


              However, I'm not able to read in my init-params from the configuration in web-inf-extension-configuration.xml


              These params used to be in my web.xml file, and now I've got them like this:




                        <property name="APP_ID" value="1234"/>

                        <property name="APP_ID_KEY" value="aaabbbcccddd111222333444"/>

                        <property name="APP_ADMIN_PASSWORD" value="abcde12345"/>




                        <name>Auth Filter Definition</name>

                        <object type="org.exoplatform.web.filter.FilterDefinition">

                          <!-- The filter instance -->

                          <field name="filter">

                            <object type="com.mycompany.authfilter.AuthFilter"/>


                          <!-- The mapping to use -->

                          <!-- WARNING: the mapping is expressed with regular expressions -->

                          <field name="patterns">

                            <collection type="java.util.ArrayList" item-type="java.lang.String">










              I'm not sure I've done this correctly, and when my filter tries filterConfig.getInitParameter("APP_ID") it throws NPE.


              Am I supposed to use a different <name> in the <properties-param> ?



              I just noticed that the interface org.exoplatform.web.filter.Filter does not include methods for init and destroy, which I was using to populate my FilterConfig (and contained the properties).

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                I think that you need to create constructor of your filter, which will just accept InitParams as the argument and read parameters here. Something like



                public MyFilter implements Filter



                  public MyFilter(InitParams params)



                     // Read other parameters here