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    Unable to get extended properties for stored procedure.

    Akshay Harale Newbie


      I need to do some decision making in the translator based on the stored procedure parameters and resultset.

      My stored procedure getSomeInfo(?,?) takes two int type parameters and returns resultset with two columns.


      For that, I have applied extended properties(unitName="Meter",unitType="Length") on stored procedure's ' IN parameters'  and 'Resultset columns' for source model using Teiid designer.

      I am able to get the applied extended properties on resultset columns of procedure in the custome translator's RuntimeMetadata object.

      I am using following code to get the properties :


      Map<String, String> properties = procedureParameter.getProperties();


      However I am not able get properties applied on those two input parameters at translator level.

      Wanted to know if theres a way to get those properties.