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    Stopping and restarting JBoss nodes cause 503 error in mod_cluster

    Antlia Antlia Newbie

      Hi to all,


      I'm using mod_cluster as load balancer for JBoss cluster with the following configuration:


      - Domain manager

      - Two slaves running on different machines

      - Apache server + mod_cluster extension running on a separate machine



      I'm experimenting this issue: while I simulate a system failure, by killing all jboss processes in unix console on all the machines, and then restarting the nodes, i see that mod_cluster-manager is seeing correctly the cluster (3 nodes, correct machine names, correct applications deployed and so on), but when trying to access to an application deployed i got:


      503 error Service Temporary Unavailable


      In mod_cluster log apache side, it's reported the following error:


      All worker in error state


      Can anyone help me?




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