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    Creating new user problem in JBOSS 7 and jmx problem

    Junfeng Chen Newbie

      Recently I encounter a problem with JBOSS 7, which is I cannot access the web console even if I have created the user. After i creating new user by add-user.bat, it keep prompting username and password dialog even if I have inputted the correct username and password. I have checked the mgmt-users.properties file and the acount has been created successfully. I also tried to create several different account with other user name, and it still doesn't work. Any one meet the similar problem?


      The second thing, I used to monitoring the JBOSS 4 to 6 using JMX with java, but in JBOSS 7 it seems disappeared. How can I monitor it remotely with java? I mean I need to receive the data from another computer rather than just seeing it on the web.