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    Elements and attributes in standalone.xml for JBoss AS 7

    Panayappan Periyakaruppan Newbie

      Could someone direct me to any resource where we can find descriptions for all elements and attributes that can be used in standalone.xml - JBoss AS 7

      Our app is now SSL enabled and is configured to access via http and https.

      We have also configured security domain - wherein the user will be prompted for username/password (at JBoss level) before loading the application's login page.

      But this feature is needed only when the app is accessed via https. That is, when the app is accessed via http - the login page is directly loaded. While accessed via https - user should be prompted first.

      We tried a variety of options within the connector, security-domain and security-realm but we either dont get desired result or the app server doesnt boot.

      Any direction for this problem will be appreciated.