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    Switchyard - Properties injection issue

    Srinivasan Rengan Newbie



      I am using an external file with set of all properties.


      I am injecting the file into the runtime environment using -P during Jboss start up.


      > standalone.bat -P=location of my property file\property file


      The component which i am using here is SFTP.  One of the property which I want to inject from the property file is poll delay.


      So I am using something like ${my.application.sftp.poll.delay} in the swtichyard.xml  (In the property file this property refers to a value 2000)


      But I am getting this error which says that the property is not a integer.  [......is not a valid value of union type 'propInteger']


      How do we inject integer (non-string) values into the respective property?