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    Is JSFUnit still an active project?




      I've been looking into using JSFUnit in my project but before I make any more investment in learning the framework I would like to know from the developers if any investment is being made towards improving/fixing JSFUnit.


      My concerns are mainly:


      - the last release was 2.0.0.Beta2, which was in 09/15/2011, I think. I have found a reference to a 3.1 version but I could actually never be sure of its existence.

      - there is little activity in the forums, many recent discussions didn't receive any answers or comments


      This is not supposed to be a critic of any kind. I would fully understand if the developers decided to stop working in this project in order to focus on different stuff (like Drone for example, which seems to be getting much more attention than JSFUnit).


      Well, hope to hear something from you guys!