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    SwitchYard - Inconsistency in the properties/header

    Srinivasan Rengan Newbie



      Am using the file component and binding it with camel route.  I am using a bean which is being referenced from the route in which I am doing some business logic based on the file name and its content.  The requirement here is to use the file name which I am trying to get it from the org.switchyard.Context.getProperty ("propertyname", Scope.MESSAGE).


      I am trying to fetch the same property name in another bean of another route component.  I am seeing that there is an inconsistency in the case of the properties like:





      In another occasion they are appearing to be in Camel cased (CamelFileNameOnly,CamelFileName).  Should there be a consistency in this regard?  This is not a do or die issue but still thought worth mentioning.