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    Can I execute JBPM 5.4 as a standalone java application?

    Ayusman Dikshit Newbie

      I have asked this question on stackoverflow as well



      I was able to run the JBPM4 in a standalone mode in the past (No application server or external dependencies).

      However JBPM 5.4 seems difficult to do so. It has Drools, Human Task service dependencies and some other dependencies that will require a separate setup.

      Has any one EVER run jbpm 5.4 in a standalone mode?

      Which means having a database setup with the required tables and JBPM will run as a plain old java program.

      JBPM5 claims it's embeddable, but there are no clear guidelines on how to create jbpm embeddable; say in a Websphere application server, with an oracle database.


      in jbpm4.4, I was able to put the required library jars, and jbpm jars and set up a database that confirms to jbpm DB requirements (I had to dissect the jbpm4.4 build xml file though) and I was able to run jbpm completely standalone.


      Why is JBPM 5 is so very difficult to run like this?

      Running a tool like JBPM 5 increases the conceptual understanding of the BPM tool. Is it so hard for the JBPM5 dev community to understand?