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    Continuous Executions- Should part id be consistent from one execution to the next?

    Mark Addleman Master

      For non-reusable executions, I want to track information from one execution to the next.  I thought that execution context's request id + part id would give me a unique identifier that would map from one execution to the next one.  It look like part id starts at 0 but then switches to 1 after the first execution.  From then on, the part id remains 1.  I think this is new behavior introduced sometime after 8.1.  I'm testing on 8.5 CR2.


      Attached is a test case.  It's a little more than a minimal case but I wanted to get it to you before 8.5 went out the door.  If you don't see the problem quickly from my code, let me know and I'll clean it up.