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    Hypersonic:Database corruption

    Subu Newbie

      We are using Hypersonic database with JBOSS 3.0.0, tomcat 4.0.3 with CMP. If JBOSS is terminated abnormally, then we have observed that some of the tables in the database is corrupted. For eg: we are using Jbossautoutilnumber table for auto generation of primary keys. But we have seen that after this abnormal termination that the auto number key is haivng a number which is already used for creating a primary key

      ABC -> 50


      OID - 2
      Name - CDE
      OID - 56
      Name - ABC

      In the above example, we have a employee table with OID 56 and to generate a new employee record we generate the auto number from Jbossautoutilnumber and field ABC ( this number is 50) , so obviously when try to create a record with OID as 50, it will thro a duplicate key exception.
      This behaviour happens when JBOSS is abnormally terminated.
      Can somebody help me here.
      Thanking in advance