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    REST API and authentication in jBPM 6.0

    James Jones Newbie

      I want to use the REST interface in jbpm 6.0.0CR2 to programmatically start process instances.

      I was able to do this in jbpm 5.4 following the forms-based authentication technique described at
      The technique involves catching authentication/validation errors and reformatting the request somewhat by appending "j_security_check" to the URL and providing username and password.

      Is this forms-based authentication technique still used in jbpm6.0?
      If so, I have been unsuccessful in adapting my code to work with jbpm6.0.0CR2

      Any hints in this regard would be appreciated.


      Also, I see specific users mentioned out in the login.jsp page for 6.0.0.CR2?
      Also, should I use kris/kris or krisv/krisv when experimenting with REST API and 6.0.0.CR2?