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    VDB into a WebService

    ankurkaul Newbie

      Hi All


      I am quite new to Teiid, and need some help.

      I am using Teiid 8.4 with Teiid Designer 8.2 Beta on JBoss EAP 6.1.0

      I was successfuly able to create a VDB using 2 or more Relational sources and expose them as a Relational view.

      Next I followed the following steps to expose this as a web service.

      1. Created a procedure in the Relational View to do a simple select operation.

      2. Right clicked on this procedure and asked the designer to create a Webservice.

      3. Next Created a VDB with all the components in it : All 4 Models of the web service, A View model and Two Source Models.

      4. Deployed the VDB on JBoss and tested the procedure which returned values as expected.

      5. In the Designer, Right clicked on the VDB and choose the option to generate a CXF service war.

      6. I got a warning saying that the compiler required is JDK 1.6 and I am either using an older version or a JRE so I might have to manually compile the war. (So this is the first issue I could not solve) -- Any help here would be great.

      7. So I still went ahead and generated the war and then there were only 3 java file which were there, so I compiled them manually and placed the class files in the war as well.

      8. I deployed the war and it started to show as a webservice in Admin Console. I did not place any spring related jars into the war.

      9. I was also able to get the wsdl on the url mentioned on the console.

      10. I tried to hit a soap request using soap ui.

      11. I tried this various ways and various times but got some error or the other which lead to a Perm Gen error in the end. (BTW I also modified the standalone.conf in the bin folder for Jboss eap to change the Perm gen space to 8GB)

      So, this is where I am really stuck and some help would be really appreciated.


      Is there anyone who has build a Webservice like this Bottom Up?


      Many Thanks